Healing is Lit!

For so long, mental health has functioned as a subject that many avoided. It has carried such a stigma for so many years. However, as it has carried this stigma; Individuals have carried burdens, sadness, regrets, guilt, anger and shame. Generational trauma has continued to manifest and grow and people have continued to live in darkness. Until now! Yep, for so long people have walked with their heads down, ashamed to share that they were seeking therapy....whether it was for their own healing, personal growth, or their relationship. Then again, sometimes, it may be just to manage their present mental illness so that they can continue to live a strong, healthy life. Welp, it is a new day! As I work daily with my patients, it is strongly emphasized that they are stronger because they are present. Present in the moment, present in their current life circumstance, and present in therapy. Many have completed their journeys with me stronger, healthier, with more clarity than they could have ever imagined and most importantly healed. Is therapy easy? Nope. Is therapy enjoyable? It can be, really depends on who your therapist is and how committed you are to it. Is therapy worth it? Yep, because you are! I will tell you something else even better than that. It is the "after effect" for me. What do I mean? The new life that you take on and the healthy way that you learn to manage it. If you are in therapy, have been in therapy and are experiencing the fruit of your journey, then you understand. However, there are a few out there that we probably need to encourage to seek healing.

Bottom line....Healing is Lit! Spread the message.

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